AEP’s committees are the lifeblood of the organization and the cogs that keep our organization moving forward. Members are encouraged to join a committee to learn more about the organization and to foster development of new ideas and create the critical mass necessary for the organization to remain a leading edge contributor within the community.


Board Liaison: Hayley Moore

The primary responsibility of aep’s Social Committee is to manage aep’s monthly meetings – coordinating with speakers and venues to provide aep members with the best opportunities for networking and introduce them to Oklahoma City’s leaders as well as its arts and civic communities. This committee is also responsible for managing volunteer events including the annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Summer Event and many others.


Board Liaison: Nabeel Jamal

The Membership Committee is the backbone of the organization and is actively engaged in recruiting new members and managing and increasing member benefits.This committee is responsible for aep’s Ambassador Program and is responsible for campus visits as well as employer relations.


Board Liaison: Andrew Godwin

aep’s members are actively involved in community outreach through existing charitable organizations. The Volunteer Committee coordinates these opportunites with nonprofit social welfare organizations and aep’s collective membership.

Internal Affairs

Chair: Micah Alcorn

The Internal Affairs Committee manages many operational aspects of the organization including the development and maintenance of the website. It was responsible for forming aep’s by-laws and for obtaining certification as a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. Additionally, this committee manages aep’s finance, budgeting and fundraising activities and drafts new policies that the membership and leadership agree upon.

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